As I approached my recent birthday, I felt called to connect with my deep feminine within and give myself the gift of honouring her and all that she is and all that she does for me. I wanted to give my gratitude to her. My personal gift for myself was the delicious Wylde Woman Immersion at Ceremonial Embodyment. Stephanie understood with both clarity and respect my desire and was able to create a beautiful, rich experience. It was divine. Honestly, I do not view it as massage, but as a wonderful , magical journey within. I felt safe, held and honoured. Ahhh, Bliss……. Thank you Stephanie”

Dannielle Baker

 Enchanting the Wylde Womban

Your Womb is calling ~ she is ready to be heard ~ she is ready to be felt and she is calling you to step into your Medicine Woman.

This treatment is such a deep honouring of your whole self ~ the smell of simmering herbs for your Womb Steam fills our room ~ prepared for exactly what your womb needs ~ our ceremonial space is prepared with the sound of the Medicine drum ~ Crystal singing bowls ~ rattles all to call you home ~ annointing of powerful ash and waters from ceremonies all over the earth ~ and then the massage begins ~ your whole body ~ every muscle ~ the facia that holds you together is softened in rhythmical spirals , swirls and long strong sweeps to prepare your being for the Mama Medicina abdominal massage ~ nourishing, activating and healing on the deepest levels the universe of ~ your diaphragm ~ your belly ~ your Womb ……… completing with the Ceremonial womb steam. Wonderful for preconception, womb health,Painful Periods, trauma, release, pre-menopausal and menopausal, nourishment for our scared womb portal.Ohhhhh my Goddess what an experience!!!!

Ceremonial Embodyment + Mama Medicina + Ceremonial Womb Steam ( Steams can not be done during your cycle or if you have an IUD, Mesh or Contraceptive device inserted )

2 hours – $200


Add the

Closing of the


  After big initiations a closing of the bones Ceremony can be  included. To complete the Enchantment of the Wylde woman , following the womb steam you are tightly wrapped in Rebozo’s representing the chrysalis , your body is gently rocked and whispered words of honouring ~ then you rest deeply in the chrysalis, in the imaginal dreaming space  while you are being immersed in sound ~ then gently you are unwrapped ~ new skin , new woman , all of you returned home into the marrow of your bones ….. So deeply delicious & enchanting !!!!!!

2 hours ~ $200

2.5 hrs ~ $250


The Ceremonial Embodyment Experience

I invite you to come and receive your unique experience of Ceremonial Embodyment – 

We will sing up the earth beneath you with the power of the beautiful crystal and alchemy singing bowls so she can hold you while you are dreaming into your intention which will carry you through the treatment and into your life beyond ….Mumma Medicine drum will sing to your bones to ground you in this powerful process – 

 All the other magical sounds will awaken your guides and ally’s to hold your hand in stepping forward into your powerful divine delicious self .

  The anointing begins of Youngliving oils – scared ash from powerful ceremonial fires – waters from sacred wells and water places… 

A powerful journey to activate your Wombs Primordial flame ,your Wylde Instinctual self and the sweet Nectar that resides within a deep connection with womb and heart.

Then the Massage begins – deep, rhythmical , cleansing – In swirls And circles that drop you into deep listening to the Alchemy of your Soul and the Ancient Wisdom that resides in your bones.

Book your Portal of Transformation now

60 mins – $120
90 mins – $160
120 mins – $200

The Pregnancy


From pre~conception through to Birth ~ This time in your life is the most important time receive. To rest ~ be nurtured and to step into the most empowered version of yourself before you bring your amazing creation into the world !!! My massage table is created specially for your belly so you can lie face down and completely flop ~ you can then choose from the variety of Massage and Ceremonial Embodyment experiences (except for the hot rocks) that are on offer ~ the facial is perrrrrfect for you !!!!

60 mins – $120 

90 mins – $160

120 mins – $200 

add $50 for facial

The Postpartum


A divine weaving of love ~ to bring the Mama back into the depths of her Bones after the Journey of Birth. A full body massage with a lot of focus on the belly with the Mama Medicina abdominal Therapy, bringing your organs back to there happy place ~ followed by a Nourishing Womb Steam and A Closing of the Bones Ceremony ~ 

where you are tightly wrapped in Rebozo’s representing the chrysalis , your body is gently rocked and whispered words of honouring ~ then you rest deeply in the chrysalis, in the imaginal dreaming space  while you are being immersed in sound ~ then gently you are unwrapped ~ new skin , new woman , all of you returned home into the marrow of your bones ….. So deeply delicious & enchanting 

90 mins ~ $150

2 hours ~ $200

Bubba can be in the resting area in the front of the Nest with a chosen carer and brought it when mumma is needed during the treatment if needed.

Ceremonial Embodyment with Hot Rocks & Facial

My favourite concoction

90 min – $185

2h – $225

2.5 hrs -$280

Remedial Massage

A divine dance of deep, nurturing, rhythmical techniques.

Incorporating remedial, trigger points, acupressure, reflexology and Young Living Essential oils.

Promotes presence, balance and truth to radiate throughout your whole being.

60 mins – $120
90 mins – $160
120 mins – $200

The Queen of Nourishment ~Facials

The most deeply relaxing nurturing facial – amazing organic products – the powerful smells of Royal Hawaiin Sandalwood,  Frankincense, Cedarwood along with many others stimulating your senses – hot towels – gentle loving massage of your face, neck shoulders, head and feet … 

60 mins – $120

Ceremony with Stephy

May we sit together and create magic around an altar with delicious scents and magical things of the earth – a special weaving of ceremony for you, holding your Intentions your dreams – with a guided journey, sacred sound, and the power of presence 

Ceremony with your sisters ~ Price varies with depth, numbers and travel distance.

Unique Ceremonys


Blessing ways

Placenta tree planting Ceremony


Celebration of life

Celebrating your Womb

New and Full Moon


$$Price on Equiry

Buddho ~ EnerSense

Experience the strong powerful roots of Reiki. Traditional Reiki treatment is complemented by pulsing the meridian channels of the body and the use of the breath.

Relaxing the body and mind, allowing the organs and body systems to revitalise. This accelerates the body’s healing ability and opens the mind to the underlying causes of disease and pain. It provides nurturing support, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

30 mins – $60
60mins – $120

Crystal Resonance Therapy

Surrender to the power of crystals, sound therapy, the natural elemental forces and guided meditations to activate your journey of human evolution.
Feel the knowledge of the ancient ways, balance, rejuvenation and connection to your infinite potential.
60 mins – $120

– Kind Words –

Stephanie held me gently in her nurturing, heartfelt energy and reconnected me with Earth and spirit. I highly recommend her amazing massage 🙏🏻💛


The most powerful energy and made me feel alive. Best massager ever and the sound therapy is soul changing! Steph is my miracle worker.


Beautiful, healing and magical. Me and my lil bubba had an amazing gentle pregnancy massage. We both felt so relaxed but energised afterwards and steph made us feel soo special.Such a comforting space to be in. ��THANKYOU


I can honestly say- a vision that came to me during a crystalicious massage literally changed the direction of my life. Amazing.


ABSOLUTLEY the most amazingly relaxing, healing , & nurturing massage I have ever experienced! Steph you are a MAGIC


The most wonderful peaceful, healing massage I’ve ever experienced. I can’t wait to return to Ceremonial Embodyment!


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