A few weeks ago I had the most amazing journey I was walking down to my favourite spot on the Mary River and came across three Pelicans – the dogs disturbed them and they flew away – their big powerful wings pounding the water as they took off – and I noticed one had dropped a beautiful feather right in the middle of the river.

Usually, I would rip my gear off and jump right in to get it – but something stopped me – I felt to go and sit on my rock downstream and witness its journey.

I was trying to call it in so that it would come straight towards me so I could grab it – but the waters had a different idea and it stayed completely on the other side of the river from me!!!!

I even through the stick for the dogs close to it to see if they would pick it up !!!! But that didn’t work either !!!!

I was so blessed my mum had the kids over for the night so I didn’t have to get home for the kids – so I watched – witnessed – and completely loved watching it’s sacred journey down the river !!!!

As the feather floated past me on the opposite side still – I felt strongly that I had to receive this gift – instead of swimming out and grabbing it – so I journeyed down to the part of the river where it narrowed – where the water started journeying stronger and faster – and I waited – watched – listened just being in complete presence with nature and this gift I was going to receive for my patience !!!!!!

Finally, it drifted into my hands after a 2-hour journey – and I managed to video it.

I have never had this experience of waiting – intentionally with complete purpose and presence – for a feather – it was complete magic – and as it met with my energy it expanded my heart and filled it with magic !!!!

Thank you Mumma nature for such an amazing blessing!

May all of you be blessed with the power and magic of holding space for nature to unfold before you – in this deepness – in this silence – in this magnificent connection – is such profound gratitude and love – and May that ripple throughout the earth.

with love