Ceremonial Events

Next Mama Medicina Womb Wisdom Workshop  will be Friday evening 26th January 2024 6.30-8.30pm and

Saturday 27th January 2024 9-3.30

Womb Wisdom Workshop

This workshop provides a woman ( with or without a womb) gentle methods of care for the wondrous abdomen, pelvis and her organs.

This wisdom shared is beneficial for a woman and all the changes a woman experiences over a lifetime.

These methods are a collection of gems from various teachers, traditions and learnings from Clinic practice.

It is both a blessing and an honour to pass these learnings onto women to take charge of their own health and wellbeing.

Learn genuine techniques of care for the whole woman

🌹How to care for your cycle

🌹Caring for yourself post cycling years

🌹Address current issues

🌹Understand thy own landscape

🌹Enhance sexual connection to self

$250 BYO lunch Morning and Afternoon Tea provided.

Where ~ The Spiritual Development Sanctuary in 43 Murer drive North Maleny

Booking Link. https://events.humanitix.com/mama-medicina-womb-wisdom-workshop-kqjt6wq3




Course Two in Energy Medicine Dreaming 

23/24 March 2024

This is a weekend of professional development for practitioners or trainees seeking to expand their knowledge of creative tools that support them in awakening a deeper and more magical consciousness and ensuring transformational healing during sacred practices.

You will it is anticipated that you will:

  • Deepen your knowledge of the Sacred Circle Map of Consciousness as a powerful tool to assist you to navigate your way as a vibrational healing and energy medicine practitioner. This map will expand upon what is taught in Level One. If you haven’t trained in Level One, you will be given pre-training material to read through and learn from.
  • Gain ADVANCED skills and greater confidence in using a pendulum to guide your assessment and measurement practices. If you haven’t trained in pendulum use in level one, you will be given pre-training activities to practice prior to attendance.
  • Expand and deepen your knowledge of Sound Healing, guided by the Sacred Drum and Crystal Bowls as powerful and empowering cleansing, clearing and healing shamanic tools. You will learn how to use your instruments and voice to support the body to raise its vibration at physical and etheric levels. 
  • Learn about the healing medicines of Crystals and how to care for them, understand their medicine, communicate with them and connect deeply with their etheric wisdom as profound healing tools and energy medicine guides. 
  • Spend time in Nature to deepen your connection to Country, and your understanding of the natural elements that support you. You will be shown ways to expand your intuitive relationship with Nature Spirit-guides and teachers and their wisdom in multiple dimensions of consciousness. You will be shown how to create stone mandalas for sacred ceremony, intention setting, blessings and prayers.
  • Experience and offer Energy Medicine Healings within the group and build loving connections with fellow practitioners of like-heart and mind.
  • Join an online community of EMD healing practitioners, and share the journey.
  • And all else that is brought forward spontaneously, guided by Spirit and the Sacred 



Once upon a time, a beautiful woman camped at the top of a mountain at the headwaters of Booloumba creek.

She woke up – climbed out of her tent and blessed the earth with a magnificent song.

A little later in the day 2 friends and a little girl met at the end of Bouloumba creek where it merges with the Mary River – and they blessed the earth with that same song.

Later in the afternoon 2 brother and sisters ( the older sister was the mother of the younger brother and sister ) where walking down the Mary river close to sunset – and they found the body of a magnificent wedgetail eagle 🦅- and to honour the eagle – they sang that same song.

And how did all these women find out that this happened.

They all gathered a few days later at a new moon circle – just the 4 of them came that night ( which is unusual in itself as they have been held for the last 8 years on every new moon and a vast array of women attend !!! ) and in the magical weaving of the night in front of a cozy fire – the story of the song came to light – pure magic !!!

When women gather in circle, it awakens memories of ancient ways – of connecting with the magic of the Earth – calling in the elements and embodying the ways they can empower us.

Songs are birthed , sisterhood is awakened, teas are sipped, music is made – fires are stoked and danced around and deep sharing rises from our hearts.

The cycles of the moon are honoured – the seasons – and the magic within all of our hearts.

We would love you to join us in this celebration of circle – women – empowerment and remembering

Keep an eye on the moon when she is in her darkness and at her fullest – we will be somewhere on the earth celebrating her magnificence!!!!!

Types of Events

Blessing ways

Placenta tree planting Ceremony


Celebration of life

Celebrating your Womb

New and Full Moon


 Ceremony for Life’s Transitions

From birth to Death ~ our life is an amazing journey of Initiations.

To honour that moment for you, in sacredness….. together we can create a Ceremony of deliciousness to Celebrate that special time, a Ceremony that can be held anywhere on the Earth or at your favourite place …… it can shift challenging times to Joy and Joyful times to even more delicious….. its an amazing Gift for yourself or a beloved.

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