It’s deeeeep… I knew when I transformed into Ceremonial Embodyment from Crystalicious Massage – that it was going be huge – I felt it in my womb and in my bones – i felt her initiations instantly and I was scared …. I had moments of not wanting to step into this power- of not wanting to show myself to the world – of wanting it more simple …. but I i really had no choice .i was standing on the edge of the cliff and I could feel my wings and the wind came and picked me up and instead of fighting it – I said fuck it -take me – let me shine – let me fall – let me be caught – let me be taken by the currents of the waters – let me cry – let me surrender – let me break down the walls. Let me be here to do what I was born to do. The highs the lows the inbetweens ….. it’s all lessons to help us step into our power even more – What an amazing journey !!!!

with love