As I take a deep deep breath I can feel this years activations in my bones – my bones are filled with the presence and wisdom of the earth –

the next deep breath takes me into my belly my place of ceremonial fire where the medicine of the wedgetail eagle sits and all I call in when I sit in this ceremonial place –

My heart is blessed with the waters from the very beginning as they journey out of the earth and become creeks which merge with rivers which dance into the oceans and the song of the whales and the playfulness of the dolphins and the flow and power and cleansing the waters brings

and the deepest breath comes to my mind where I feel clear and connected to many lineages of wise women playing in stone circles -with herbs and sacred waters from wells- the stag holds that sweet medicine of reaching out to spirit with his antlers and touching the earth gently through his hoofs feeling every beat of the earths heart beneath him. The sun and the moon cycle Around us and here we are blessed as another cycle ends –

The solstice was magnificent and I celebrated being a sound magician in the amazing restorative yoga classes that I have been brewing with the amazing Shakti Hollett – we brewed up a storm – a real Live one !!!
– and cleansed and cleared and filled ourselves with magical intentions at a new beautiful yoga studio in maleny Yoga Soul

Now all the medicine tools are wrapped up – the crystals and bowls are resting – the drums sitting together holding their deep presence – and the massage table is folded up – waiting for my return and it’s new space that will be birthed in this resting time …… returning to ceremonial Embodyment in mid January of 2019 .

so here’s A funny story for you …. once Ceremonial Embodyment was birthed that is what my intention has bee to hold every new moon .
The last couple of days the beginning of my rest my usual ritual is to
Go and sit at my creek feet in the water cleansing while sipping me delicous tea – the last few days I got to sit all of my self in there to completely immerse myself in the magic of the waters while sipping my tea – full immersion – that feels glorious to bring into the new year !!!!
So yesterday I went on my big walk following my creek down to the mary river – as I walk I call in that which I shared above and I felt instead of just putting my feet in to fully immerse – so I ripped all my gear off and jumped in it was freakin magnificent !!!!!

But when I got out to put my cloths on my top was nowhere to be seen – maybe it was the fairy’s !!! Or my dogs may have accidentally pulled it in to the river – I really don’t know …. but holy shit what to do!!!!!! Fuuuuuck !!!

So a couple of kms from home – not along a track I fully bush bash !!!! I had to wrap my pants around my boobs and walk in my lovely holy undies and gum boots back home / I was laughing at myself and praying that I wasn’t going to run Into anyone ha ha ha well it was epic feeling everything on your skin – the branches the leaves the wind the grass – full immersion !!!!!!

Thanks universe !!! Instant manifestation !!!!!

So I fully reccomend this coming year – fully feel – fully release – get naked – celebrate your magnificent self – bless yourself with kindness – live with intention – play – be crazy – ignite your inner fire and celebrate your magnificentself –

See you in the other side !!!!!!!

with love