About Me

Find out a little about my world – the short verion & the long version!

Stephy is a Mumma, a Sister an Aunty a lover and a Wylde Woman….

Ceremonial Embodyment was birthed from the wisdom of many years of travelling the world and connecting deeply with the Sacredness of the Earth, the Wild Spirit of the land and Ceremony, Circles and Gatherings in many different cultures.

My intention through the array of amazing treatments and Ceremonies I offer – is to provide tools to nourish our infinite potential and to awaken the divine Medicine Woman/ Man that resides in us all.

When I am not sitting in circle with other amazing women (or stuck at the sink washing dishes) you will find me with my feet in a creek, making huge fires, hugging the nearest tree, following the paths of the big winged creatures in the sky, making fairy gardens with my two wee ones and singing to the dolphins and whales down near the ocean.

I now live in Maleny and offer beautiful Ceremonial Embodyment journeys which include Massages, Facials, Sacred Sound Immersions ( and specific treatments with combinations of all of the above – a ceremony all for you !!!! ) New moon circles, Restorative yoga Sound Immersions, Celebrations for all aspects of life from Birth to Death, and I am a Ceremony holder at Women’s Gatherings and Events.

All which help to support, nourish and lush up our souls for this sacred time on earth.

The Long Version


Along with the study of Crystal Resonance Therapy, Reiki and Massage, I immersed myself in connecting with the sacredness of the earth and the spirit of the land.

Immediately after completing my Cert. IV. in Remedial Massage I was given the amazing opportunity to work in Destination spas throughout Australia, with Li`tya (which means of the Earth)…Spa Care from the Australian Dreamtime .

My first job was at The Healing Waters Spa, at Silky oaks Lodge. Nestled in the heart of the Daintree on the banks of the Mossman Gorge. Li`tya activated my love of sacredness and ceremony and installed in me the rich knowledge of the potentness of the Australian land, the knowledge of her people and all of her bush medicines.
The Daintree and the spirit of the Mossman Gorge connected my soul to the spirit and magic of the land.

For 10 years I lived and learned and allowed my soul to be nourished in this divine space.

In this time Reiki softened my soul and awakened the healing power of touch. My teacher Faye Wenke allowed my journey with Reiki to also capture this sacredness with the initiations to be held on the land, next to the divine Roaring Megs Falls in the Heart of Aboriginal Community and Womans space.

My journey with crystals deepened as I found my teacher Naisha Ahsian (The Book of Stones and the Crystal Ally Cards). I began the study of Crystal Resonance Therapy, which was not just a course but a life-changing journey which took 4 years of intense letting go of those things that didn’t honour my life’s journey. WOW there was a lot!!!!

In a moment of letting go i decided to leave the nest of the Far North and to continue my journey around Australia, I needed to go camping for a long time!!!

What a life-changing journey that was in itself, the land holds so much knowledge when you deeply connect.

I fell in love with every part and truly started to understand the strength of the Elements and how to bring their resonance into our lives for healing, transformation, and growth. The strong sense of the Earth through the Cape and the Kimberly.The intense Fire of the West coast, the water through the base of Australia and the Great Australian Bight. Uluru and the Olgas blessed us with the initiation of the wind element, and the storm finally came on top of the highest mountain in the Flinders Ranges.

WOW, what a country!!

My journey then took me to Canada, from roughing it and living so close to the land for a year to living right in the heart of Vancouver. WOW did that bring up some stuff!!

I had to learn many other tools to keep the earth connection in a city. This experience made me completely understand and appreciate how important meditation, yoga, dancing and drumming is for your soul. Also hugging the nearest tree, wearing lots of colours on a winter day, smiling at a stranger and constantly being in a state of deep gratitude.

As the journey continued I sat in the womb of the earth in Sweat Lodges celebrating with song and music.

I Participated in ceremonies in Mexico, drumming and dancing around circular pyramids with the Mayans. Watching the sunset over sacred valleys to the sound of the medicine drum.

Remembering lives passed and honouring who I was, where I had been.

As the journey continues I bring all that I have learnt into everything I do. And knowing that every time we nurture and heal ourselves, this vibration spreads throughout the earth.

Treatments are an incredible combination of the journey of life combined with

  •  The study of…….
    Remedial Massage
  • Spa therapies
  • Crystal Resonance therapy.
  • Reiki Jin Kei Do
  • Buddho ~ EnerSense
  • Crystal Earth Shamanism
  • Mayan Abdominal Therapy
  • Mumma Medicina Practioner
  • Activating your inner wyldeness onliine live journeys 
  • The Magic and wisdom that is gifted when sitting in Circles with women over many many years …..
  • and the medicine that unfolds within me during each treatment i immerse my self in and the magic that unfolds within me every time i sit in silent stillness on the Earth and Listen ………. 

and the love of…..  life and the abundant tools the earth offers us for healing.

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