Wylde Womban

‘Helloooooooo Wylde Womban  thank you for hearing the call of your womb or your Womb space . Is she calling you to connect with your Wylde self ? Is she summoning you into your Sacred Womb portal for you to journey deeply with her ~ to welcome her home ~ to remember your wyldness and connect to your animal like senses ? Does she need restoring of the sacred where there has been disrespect? 

Or is she just basically needing some love and tenderness ?

I have been journeying so deeply with my Womb space with a group of amazing powerful wyse women – in a Mama Medicina mentorship with the amazing Andrea Lopez . Her teachings embody the Traditional ways, honouring all the medicine Women who have walked before us from all cultures ~ along with cutting edge methods. This is frontline stuff,  bridging worlds.

her teachings are in the forfront of  The Women’s Health Movement ~ Devoted to change  . I feel deeply honoured to be a thread in this magnificent weaving of Women’s Health. As Women we are soooooooo ready to step deeply into this portal of  Wombans wisdom ~ this has the potential to change the world .

Connecting to the Wylde Womban is another magnificent weaving of goodness through my offerings for women~ but it feels bigger than anything else !!!! It feels like this is what I was born to do and this lineage of folk medicine is powerful and it’s what every woman’s womb needs!!!!   This powerful modality is for all stages of Womb, Maiden ,Mother, Crone~ Pre~Conception care ~ Pregnancy and Post Birth…… and also for women who no longer have their womb ~ but still very much hold their womb magic in the Universe of their abdominal area.

Working with the abdominal landscape is like working with the whole universe – what women hold in this area is epic – how many times have we held our breath – how many times have we said yes but meant no – not only does it work with this energetic depth but the physical benefits are incredible .

~ When was the last time u connected with your womb ? How is she feeling today ?

~ Is she working the best she can ? Is she displaced ? And what happens when she is ?

~ And now how I can help you with all of this ?I am so excited to share this wisdom with all of you

As a Mama Medicina Practioner I offer


~ Ceremonial Womb steams ( one on one or in small groups )


(Oh my goodness the smell of The steaming herbs fills our beautiful nest and my heart !!!!)


                                                                            ~ Closing of the Bones Ceremony

( for women after birth or women who have experienced trauma 

it facilitates bringing you back together again )


~ Pregnancy massage and ceremony  ( post and prenatal )


~Spirit Bathing


                                                                        ~ And Intricate weavings of  The Wylde Womban Immersion


 The best part is I get to educate you with this folk medicine so you can become your own medicine woman !!!

And learn how to do your own self care and womb steams …… isn’t that freakin exciting !!!!!!

Last year when I went to Heart lands of Australia it was like going home –

the place in my body where I didn’t feel at home was my Womb –

and everything that was hidden in there came exploding out like a volcano.

it was fucken huge !!!!! it’s been such a potent journey with her since then –

returning home to this sacred place with in my body –  it has the ability to change your world .

What women have said so far

~ it was like I returned home

~  I felt such a clearing of the mother wounds

~ I felt fresh blood – fresh creative force flushing my womb space .

~ it was a remembering

~ it brought me back together

~ I refound myself

I can’t wait to share this with you all

Book into today for this amazing Honouring of your Womb ~ Women its time .

Mama Medicina 

The techniques in this powerful modality are honouring the Traditional Medicine Women who have walked before us – it holds the magic to connect you deeply with the universe you have in your belly space 🌹

Journeying from your heart to your ribs – to your diaphragm – relaxing and releasing all those held breaths we have taken in our life time 🌸
The fresh flowing blood from our heart moves into our solar plexus our place of shining – to your abdominal area which not only holds the physical aspects of digestion but the depth of emotion and shielding we hold in this space – loving this area gently opens the way for connecting to our womb space – our sacred portal of life – death – creation and transformation
🌹 she is your throne and you are her queen and together when we honour this place amazing transformation can occur on the physical – emotional and spiritual dimensions.
In turn the body’s very own healing intelligence has a stronger chance of kicking in and restoring health.

                                                                                                              The approach works by relieving congestion and blockages to improve the flow of chi and fluids of the circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems to prevent the progression of chronic disease symptomatology. When these basic flows of the body are improved, the body’s very own healing intelligence has a stronger chance of kicking in and restoring health.

Organ function can improve by gently relaxing physical and emotional congestion, and contractions through these gentle and wise techniques.

Womb Steams

Womb Steams are a traditional herbal treatment prepared for women who need assistance in cleansing their wombs due to reasons such as congestion or inflammation.

Although the days of the period are designed to purify the womb, a proper shedding of the lining may not be able to occur without the right stimulation and support.

The displaced womb can cause a domino effect of misalignment in our womanly body.

But it can still function properly with the correct tools !!!! (The womb steams and Mayan abdominal therapy ) in turn bringing beautiful fresh circulating blood into our womb temple hence bringing back into balance the outcome of the domino effect!!

Allowing the steamy herbs to clear and cleanse our inner landscape ~ not only works on our physical body but the memories stored in our fascia and our internal palace of times of trauma or disrespect.

We cant steam when we are pregnant or during menstration when the blood is flowing ~ if you have a mesh inserted or an IUD, merina or any internal device .

Closing of The Bones

Closing of The Bones

For post birth or when required (after big initiations) a closing of the bones Ceremony is included. Where you are tightly wrapped in Rebozo’s representing the chrysalis , your body is gently rocked and whispered words of honouring ~ then you rest deeply in the chrysalis, in the imaginal dreaming space  while you are being immersed in sound ~ then gently you are unwrapped ~ new skin , new woman , all of you returned home into the marrow of your bones ….. So deeply delicious & enchanting !!!!!! 

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