The Awakening of the Wylde Womban

I am Stephy ~ I am a Mumma~ A Wylde Woman ~ Bodyworker ~ A Sound Alchemist ~

A Weaver of Ceremonies  ~ and a Mama Medicina Practitioner .

 Thank you For hearing the beat of my drum ~ for smelling the smoke of my fire ~

for feeling deep inside yourself that its time …….

Are you seeking The Medicine of your Wylde Woman ? 

She lays in the depths of you 🔥  Deep in the sacred cavern of  your womb .

Untamed with her animal like instincts . Would you like to awaken her ?

Do u feel to Become intimate with her cycles and moods 🔥

When all women connect with this wildish place within themselves , this my dear Queens can change the world .

The earth and humanity have been waiting for this rising – we must create space to listen and Embody her wyse wild ways .

🔥🌹 Say Yes to embodying your souls mission on the earth – right now humanity needs you .

🔥🌹 say f**k yes to clear all that is holding you back !!!!!! Dismantling the old and Bearthing the new .

🌹🔥🌹 feeeeeel the Elements merging with your body – holding you empowering you – allowing you to rise

🌹🔥🌹and feeeeeeel the Wylde instincts of the animals –

setting powerful Boundaries and being so aware of what’s right and what’s not …..

It is my Hearts Wyldest wish for every treatment i uniquely Weave

 ~ to guide you to soften into the magnificence of yourself , 

  and in the stillness of that place – to allow you space to connect and listen to your inner Wisdom .

To awaken – to ground – so you can hear deeper –  your intuition heightens –

your wisdom returns – you Remember your Souls Purpose –

You unprogramme the programmed and you create powerful foundations to thrive upon .

Be Wylde 🌹🔥🌹 Book your treatment today ~


Come and envelope yourself in a one of a kind experience.

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The Ceremonial Embodyment Poem

I come to you from the vast star light,

here deep within this memory hums and dances in delight…

I come to you through the fire of renewal, burning brightly in reds and golds,

releasing all that no longer serves you…

I come as a guardian of this sacred earth,

here through lifeʼs wonder her blessingʼs for us I gather and disperse…

And as you let go deep into the waters healing blue then the ancient whale song will arise and awaken you…

Awaken you into the remembrance of the dreaming heart, the place within that is calling us to dance to the beat of our own drum…

For all of lifeʼs elements support you now, here you are held in the strength of the stag,

his spirit taking your hand…

For I come to you from the great white eagle way,

the freedom of the ocean is her spirt and this is here to stay…

So come and embrace all of who you are, move into deep presence, here I will hold and lead you to your essence…

Move, flow, open and sing…laugh, cry, rejoice and be….all is welcome here

For I will meet you at your most brilliant light, that which is calling from deep inside…

And through this Ceremonial Embodyment you will rise,

here the thirteen wisdom keepers are by your side… here all of lifeʼs splendour is your birthright.

Dream Into Being Poetry ©

– Kind Words –

Deeply nurturing for body, mind and soul… Stephanie’s practice is far more powerful than a single-modality therapy. Integrated, intuitive and holistic, her use of massage, music, crystal, sound and journey invites the multidimensional aspects of self to help with healing.


I am so excited to share how wonderful Stephy is with everyone.  In every area of her work and what she offers it is held with love, warmth, strength, understanding and insight. I highly recommended Stephy and all that she offers whether it be a sacred circle or a transformational healing – Stephy is Ceremonial Embodyment 🙏💜


Amazing ! Best massage ever . Healing on every level . Beautiful and the effects are still present . Will be returning again and again . Thanks Stephanie


You will leave one of Stephy’s massages absolutely restored & rejuvenated. She not only goes above and beyond with all of the extras; crystals under the table, singing bowls, drumming, lavish amounts of essential oils… she massages every part of your body & soul with skilled, present, loving, deep and tender hands. Feelings of heart expansion & of merging with the whole universe, when she lays her singing bowl on your back & plays it! Her facials take it to yet another level. Nurture and activate your inner god/goddess with this amazing woman, you will be SO glad you did!


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